Andrew KaddisAndrew Kaddis, MD

Medical School: UC Davis



Maria LadinoMaria Sturchler, MD, MS, EdD

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Medical school: Vanderbilt School of Medicine

Graduate: Nova Southeastern University (MS – Math Education, EdD – Educational Leadership)

Undergraduate: FAU (BA – Elementary Education, BS – Biochemistry)

Interests: triathlon, surfing, backpacking/camping, and traveling (especially with my husband Emmanuel).

Favorites in San Diego: trying all the different cuisines and restaurants in and around town…I’m a major foodie!

Xinwei LiuXinwei Liu, MD

Medical School: University of Central Florida College of Medicine



Nicholas MontanoNicholas Montano, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Undergraduate/Graduate school: San Francisco State University

Medical School: UC Davis

EM Interests: Airway, resuscitation, and toxicology.

Non-EM Interests: Music, motorcycles, and my kiddo!

Favorites things about San Diego: Foodies, beaches, and exploring the city

Lisa RemingtonLisa Remington, MD, MS

Hometown: Aiea, Hawaii

Undergraduate / Graduate School: University of Hawaii, CSULB

Medical school: UC Irvine

Interests: Dirtbikes, Crossfit, scuba diving, roller coasters, world travel, New restaurants, Ultrasound, education, EMS, international, tactical medicine

Favorites things about San Diego: Amazing restaurants, interesting neighborhoods, lots of outdoor fun, happy and friendly people

Jack TarasJack Taras, MD

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ

Undergraduate: Providence College, RI

Medical school: SKMC of Thomas Jefferson University

Interests: Running, biking, surfing; within EM: wilderness med, wellness

Favorites things about San Diego: The ocean, the trails, the sun, the neighborhoods, and the friendly people.


GustCaitlyn Gust, MD

Medical School: USC

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Undergraduate: University of Oregon
Medical School: USC, Keck School of Medicine
Interests: hiking, running, tacos, exploring breweries around San Diego, anything outside!
Favorite thing about San Diego: it is a beautiful city with endless outdoor activities for everyone, there is so much to do & to explore! We have an amazing program with the most supportive faculty & an awesome group of residents!!

DulehSteve Duleh, MD, PhD

Medical School: UCSF

Hometown: Bismarck, ND

Undergraduate: Indiana University

Interests: Hockey, climbing up and snowboarding down mountains, traveling, drinking coffee, sleeping

Favorite things about San Diego: Great beaches, breweries, lots of good (and cheap!) food, amazing people from all over the world

HershKyle Hersh, MD

Medical School: UC Irvine

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Undergraduate: University of California, Santa Barbara (BS, Biology)

Interests: You can find me in the ocean surfing, diving, spearfishing, SUPing, boating. I still like to work as an ocean lifeguard in Newport Beach. Spending time with family and friends. And within EM ultrasound, EMS, and wilderness medicine.

Favorite things about San Diego: The surf, the beach, and the people. The attendings are all extremely involved and devoted to teaching and all my co-residents are supportive and amazing people. San Diego is extremely diverse and there is a part of town for everyone. So many outdoor activities and delicious food and beer to enjoy.

LettingaMark Lettinga, MD

Medical School: University of Michigan

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Undergraduate: Bethel College
Interests: I came out to the west coast looking for beach weather all year round. I live 500 feet from mission bay and absolutely love it. Most days I will be going for a swim or a SUP after work and walking to grab some food in the PB area. Going on hikes, exploring San Diego, playing beach volleyball, finding the best tacos, La Jolla swims, bike rides to Sunset cliffs, and sitting at the beach are things I enjoy doing. Coming from Michigan I was little bit nervous about the trip/starting residency far from home but everything has worked out great and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Faculty are from all over the country so it’s great to get a lot of views and advice from different training backgrounds. Not sure what area of EM I will find myself, but after a short time as an intern there seems to be so much available to pursue here at KPEM!
Favorite things about San Diego: I think the great thing about SD is that it has a very neighborhood thing going on. Whether you live in PB, OB, Hillcrest or downtown, you can find somewhere to get to know and be a part of. I really like living in PB where I can be close to the bay and the ocean as well as walk to the store or restaurant. Or you could drive downtown or to hillcrest and get a totally different scene. Still have many places to explore.

szmJacob Szmuilowicz, MD

Medical School: UCSD

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Undergraduate: UCSD

Interests/Favorite Things About San Diego: Trail running, cycling up and down the San Diego coast, hiking, tennis, billiards, exploring new local restaurants. I can be easily convinced to participate in open water swims at La Jolla Cove or Shores.

EM interests: ultrasound, wildness medicine, event medicine (marathon/ triathlon medical tents, boxing ringside physician)

yipDerek Yip, MD

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin




K_Brodmann_SD02-214x300Kyle Brodmann, MD

Medical School: Loma Linda University School of Medicine

S_Meyer_SD02-214x300Seth Meyer, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Hometown: Carson City, NV

Undergraduate: University of Southern California (BA, fine arts); Portland State University (BS, General Science)

Graduate: University of Southern California (MA, journalism)

Interests: Running, swimming, biking, cooking, and eating as many tacos as possible while in San Diego. Spending time with my wife, daughter, and neurotic bulldog.

Favorite things about San Diego: The beach, the killer craft beer scene, and amazing Mexican food. I love the culture of our residency program: super involved attendings who genuinely care about our development, great balance of practice paradiagms between academia and community, and an emphasis on patient-centered care.

A_Stolle_SD02-214x300Andrew Stolle, MD

Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Interests: Playing soccer, especially with some of my co-residents on Wednesday nights Watching soccer, big Arsenal fan. Also enjoy running, hiking, terrible Sci-Fi/Horror films, craft beer (in particular Groundswell after Thursday lectures) and of course the beach.

Favorite things about San Diego: As with most people who fall in love with San Diego I’m a big fan of the beautiful beaches, amazing craft beer and all the local spots for hiking. As Chuck mentioned the weather is definitely a plus, you can always get outside on your day off. With so many unique neighborhoods there is always a new place to try on your nights off. By far my favorite thing to do is hang out with my co-residents.

E_Utschig_SD02-214x300Emily Utschig, DO

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Undergraduate: University of California, Santa Barbara (BS, Biology, Spanish minor)

Interests: Anything involving the beach (Pacific Beach kid – born & raised!) or being outside. Exploring craft breweries, backpacking abroad (South America, Thailand, Spain…), training for Tough Mudder, reading for fun, catching up with friends new and old. 

Favorite things about San Diego: Did I mention I love the beach? Beautiful sunsets, the best fish tacos, Gulls hockey games, Mr. Frostie’s, seaport village, my co-intern family. And of course, training in SD’s busiest ED with a fun-loving and supportive team.

Emily's Pics

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A_Williamson_SD02-214x300Andrew Williamson, MD

Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine

Undergraduation: Trinity College

Interests: Surfing, Hiking, Fishing, Traveling, Taco Tuesday

Favorite things about San Diego: Everything! San Diego is such an amazing city. If you like good weather, friendship, outdoor activities, and happiness, then San Diego is the perfect city for you! There are so many great hikes, breweries, beaches, farmers markets, and sunshine. Every neighborhood is unique and has so many different things to offer and to explore. And last but not least, my co-residents! Couldn’t be happier with the incredibly supportive, fun, and happy group of residents here at KP!

C_Yu_SD02-214x300Chuck Yu, MD

Medical School: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Hometown: Lake Forest, Orange County, CA

Undergraduate: UCLA (BS, biochem)

Interests: basketball, skateboarding, snowboarding, dog sitting, sleeping, sushi, music

Favorite things about San Diego: weather, beach, predictable traffic and easy parking, weather, tons of great food and beer, hanging out with my co-residents, exploring the different SD neighborhoods, and weather.

Chuck's Pics