Admin Rotation

The administration curriculum will allow residents to gain an appreciation for the basic principles of ED administration and leadership. Residents will learn about quality, safety and risk management as it pertains to emergency medicine and will begin to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex role of emergency medicine within the larger framework of the hospital, institution and national health care system.

This rotation will be experiential and engaging. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in QI meetings, hospital wide administrative meetings, mock depositions and Lean 6 Sigma training. During this rotation, residents will have Resident-of-the-Day (ROD) responsibilities, where the resident will function as a leader in the department. Activities will include: leading sign out rounds, teaching of medical students and junior residents, assisting with procedures, real time QI of codes, and responding to code blues in the hospital. The curriculum is lead by Daniel Meltzer, MD, MPH, FACEP, previous Chief of Emergency Medicine.