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LACE Score

Many of us have seen the LACE score mentioned in the Hospitalists d/c summaries and now to target ED patients that may be at high risk for post discharge M&M.
The LACE Score was derived by our favorite Canuck, Ian Steill, et al (famed for such clinical prediction rules such as: Ottawa knee and ankle rules and Canadian HCT and C-spine rules).

They found variables independently associated with risk of death or nonelective readmission within 30 days after discharge (see image below from 1st article):
Length of stay (“L”);
Acuity of the admission (“A”) (;
Comorbidity of the patient (measured with the Charlson comorbidity index score) (“C”); (see: or can be calculated in HealthConnect by typing .READMISSION)
Emergency department use (measured as the number of visits in the six months before admission) (“E”)

Another study utilizing this tool, found that LACE scores >10were readmitted with twice the frequency as other patients, had longer lengths of stay and were more likely to die during the readmission.

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pdf iconLACE.pdf pdf iconLACE2 unplanned grtr than 10.pdf

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  1. dmeltzmd says:


    Thank you for introducing LACE. Paulo will review further at our meeting. It is from this evidenced-based tool that we have derived our first iteration of patients we will call back.

    Thanks, Dan