Our Faculty


Matthew Silver, MD, FACEP
Residency Program Director

Residency Training: Jacobi/Montefiore Emergency Medicine

Interests: Technology/Web Development, Patient Safety, Skiing (on the West Coast), Mountain Biking, Living vicariously through my two little ones.


schwartzAdam Schwartz, MD, MS, FACEP

Chairman and Chief of Emergency Medicine

Residency Training: Maricopa Emergency Medicine

Interests: Big data, Tableau, ED operations, Low-risk chest pain, Basketball, Tennis, Fitness, All things ‘water’, Modern architecture, Cars, Taking care of my 100 pound puppy ‘Gus’


KraussWilliam Krauss, MD, FACEP
Assistant Program Director

Residency Training: Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR)

Interests: Acute Pain Management, Surfing, Swimming, Fishing, Enjoying SoCal with my wife and kids


KeiJonathan Kei, MD, MPH, FACEP
Assistant Program Director

Residency Training: UC Davis Emergency Medicine

Interests: Airway management, resuscitation, public health/epidemiology, golf, fly fishing, photography.



Donald Mebust, MD
Clerkship Director

Residency Training: UCLA Emergency Medicine

Interests: Medical student education, hiking, surfing, traveling, time with my family


SwapClifford Swap, MD, MS
Research Director

Residency Training: Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR)

Interests: Neuroimaging, ACS diagnostics, golf, piano


MeyerMark Meyer, MD, FAAEM
Director of Simulation Medicine

Residency Training: Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Emergency Medicine

Interests: Linking quality improvement to simulation, cycling, scuba, hockey, WWII history


Charles ChiangCharles Chiang, MD
Co-EM Medical Director Simulation Labs (SDMR, Viewridge)
SCPMG Regional ED Coding Champion

Residency Training: LA County/USC Emergency Medicine

Interests: Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Hyper-realistic Simulation, residentfinance.com, Family, Volleyball.

lapointv2Jeff Lapoint, DO

Residency Training: SUNY Upstate Medical Center, Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Training: Toxicology, NYC Poison Control Center/Bellevue

Interests: Technology in medical education, emerging drugs of abuse, envenomations, surfing, and photography.


EsenerDasia Esener, MD, MS
Ultrasound Faculty, Ultrasound Fellowship Director

Residency Training: Baystate Medical Center Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Training: Emergency Ultrasound, Baystate Medical Center

Interests: I love teaching integration of ultrasound in general emergency medicine practice. Outside of the ER, I am hanging out with my dogs (4 rescued Boston Terriers to be exact) and my awesome husband, Matt. I also love running on the beach and, when I can get away, traveling.

YoungRandall Young, MD, MMM, FACEP, FAAEM

Residency Training: Washington University St. Louis Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Training: Admin Fellowship, EMA/LAC+USC Medical Center/Marshall School of Business

Interests: Emergency Operations, Disaster Management, Standards of Practice, XBox 360, Mountain Biking and Learning to Surf


Teaching Faculty

  • Steve Aguilar, MD (Sim, Resuscitation)
  • Lisa Alcaraz, MD
  • Paulo Berger, MD
  • Jeffrey Bondesson, MD
  • Eduardo Borquez, MD
  • Jeffrey Bush, MD (Assistant Chief)
  • Sonia Callejas, MD
  • Sol Chacon-Lopez, MD (Ringside MD)
  • Alison Celis, MD
  • Ian Chong, MD
  • Jenny Chua-Tuan, MD, MBA
  • Kathy Cooper, MD (Toxicology)
  • Robert Cunningham, MD
  • Tina Dennison, MD (Global Health)
  • Paul Dohrenwend, MD (Assistant Chief)
  • John Edwards, MD (Assistant Chief)
  • Dasia Esener, MD (US Fellowship Director)
  • Jacob Gessin, MD
  • Jonathan Holloway, MD
  • Robert Husband, DO
  • Wender Hwang, MD
  • Deana Kantartzis, MD
  • Jonathan Kei, MD, MPH
    (Assistant Program Director / Airway Director)
  • Christian Kelly, MD
  • Steven Kohler, MD
  • Ryan Krause, DO
  • Billy Krauss, MD (Assistant Program Director)
  • Jeff Lapoint, DO
  • Joanna Law-Courter, MD
  • Hien Le, MD
  • Hien Le, MD
  • Brent Lorenzen, MD
  • Michael Luskin, MD
  • Bryan Maltby, MD
  • Cameron McFarland, MD (QI)
  • Donald Mebust, MD (Clerkship Director)
  • Mark Meyer, MD (Simulation Director)
  • Connie B. Miller, MD
  • Bhavesh Mody, MD
  • Craig Morelan, MD
  • Ken Perry, MD (Ultrasound)
  • Angela Pham, MD
  • Matthew Poliakoff, DO
  • Anthony Salazar, MD (QI)
  • Tim Saylor, MD
  • Van Schalin, MD
  • Adam Schwartz, MD (Chief/Chair)
  • Eduardo Serna, MD
  • Christopher Scott, MD
  • Michelle Shaprut, MD
  • Matthew Silver, MD (Program Director)
  • Jen Soifer, MD
  • Robert Spero, MD
  • Jessica Stern, MD
  • Clifford Swap, MD (Research Director)
  • Thomas Tellez, MD
  • Jon van de Leuv, MD
  • Jose Vega, MD
  • Pritbir Virk, MD
  • Katy Welker, MD (Toxicology)
  • Cyril Thomas, PA (Wound Care, Global Health)
  • Michael Young, MD (Toxicology)
  • Randall Young, MD, MMM