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The Curious Case of Hypotension

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Week 7: Aug 13

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SDMEDED YouTube Vids

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Choose Wisely My Friends

The facts: The US spends $2.5 trillion/year on health care, more than twice the average of other industrialized nations. Despite this, our outcomes are worse. Wasteful spending likely accounts for up to 50% of all U.S. spending. The biggest area

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The Weekly Probe #4!

From our guru of gel… sultan of sonography… prince of the probe… ok, I’ll stop… this week: Qpath, machine maintenance, ACEP EFast, free fluid and more!

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The Weekly Probe #3

  In this episode our probed crusader reviews bladder volume calculations and US guided tibial nerve blocks… As always, feel free to spread the word and bookmark, share, forward, post, like, tweet, re-tweet, favorite, friend, or comment.

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The Weekly Probe #2

From one of our superheroes of Emergency Point of Care Ultrasound, I bring you “The Weekly Probe“… Check back often for pearls, pitfalls and general wisdom from KP San Diego’s own Reinier Vantonder. Spread the word and feel free to

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Introducing… the newly accredited Kaiser Permanente, San Diego Medical Center, Emergency Medicine Residency Program. 1st of its kind. Thanks to all for the support. Thanks to the team for getting us here. Now the fun begins… “Here’s to the crazy

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There’s An App For That!

The original iPhone was launched on June 29th, 2007. 6 years and 900,000 apps later it is impossible to fathom how I/we ever could have lived without our portable brains. Whether you are an iphone or a droid, mobile computing

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Annals Update 8.2013

This month focuses on clinical decision rules, health policy, and imaging. Links are all live… Click “PDF” for a downloadable PDF version…Title hyperlink brings you to the MD Consult full text webpage. If you are on the network (RAS or

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