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There’s An App For That!

The original iPhone was launched on June 29th, 2007. 6 years and 900,000 apps later it is impossible to fathom how I/we ever could have lived without our portable brains. Whether you are an iphone or a droid, mobile computing has changed the way we live and how we practice medicine. Read Eric Topol’s Creative Destruction of Medicine series on Medscape for the how the digital world is weaving its way into healthcare. Life in the Fast Lane (EM blog), also runs a Tech Tool Thursday series that reviews apps.

Below is my ‘starter pack’ for must have apps and a few websites/blogs/podcasts that should be saved to your favorites. Links are all live and will get you to the iTunes store link (sorry droid users!).

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Epocrates: (free version) Multiple resources available. Drug database is free, extensive and a must have.

MedCalc: (free version) MedCalc gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications.

Sanford Guide: ($29.99) Antibiotic Guide. Very useful, but way overpriced as far as I’m concerned.

Medscape: (Free) Medscape from WebMD is the leading medical resource. Info on drugs, disease, procedures. Also delivers specialty specific news clippings.

PediSafe: ($0.99) Pedi Safe is a rapid reference for healthcare professionals who care for pediatric patients in an emergency or critical care environment. Easy to use broslow design.

ER Res: ($3.99) ERres is an easy-to-navigate bedside tool containing the various calculators, medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, clinical policies and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers. PalmEM is overall a better designed app, but ER Res is catching up fast and for the price, cant go wrong.

PalmEM: ($29.99). Used to be $1.99. Great app. Has become a textbook in itself. Tons of useful resources. Extremely simple user interface… but $29.99!!!

EMUltrasound: ($4.99) This application was developed by an Emergency Medicine physician as a reference to aid clinicians with bedside ultrasound applications in the Emergency Department, ICU & primary care settings. Great pics of normal/abnormals. Easy to use user interface. Still images only.

1Minute Ultrasound: (Free). Great app. Extremely useful 1 minute video clips. Videos demonstrate all aspects of the scan including: Hand Position, Descriptions, Normal images, Pathologic images

Unbound Medline: (Free) Essential Pubmed search app. Perform powerful searches and link to the publisher’s full text articles. Visually explore the literature using Grapherence™, a unique way to find related and relevant articles.

Agile MD: ALIEM’s invaluable Paucis Verbis cards (and much more) now available in app form! And its free!!!


Feeddler: (Free version). RSS feed reader. Easy to pull in all your favorite RSS feeds in one place. Save favorites, email links to friends/colleagues, post directly to social media  sites. Extremely useful way to organize your favorite references, blogs, news-clippings. Paid version ($4.99) allows for some bells and whistles- easier to search for RSS feeds. Not sure if its worth it. FYI: Cant go wrong with Feedly either, but Feeddler is more powerful in my opinion.

Downcast: ($1.99) Extremely useful way to find and organize all of your favorite podcasts. Can stream or download (for offline playback). Can play back at 1.5x or 2x- great way to get through those longer podcasts on your ride in from work. Access to show notes. Apple podcast app is not even close.

QXReader: (Free) Great app. Single place to keep up with all your most read journals. Can select your favorite journals and app syncs these collections. Easy way to read abstracts of all of your jounrals in one place. Can send you emails as well as push notifications of updates if you like.

GoodReader: ($4.99): Extremely powerful pdf and document viewer/annotator. Save pdf’s and documents in folders. Sync with cloud storage. Email straight out of the app.

Kaiser Clinical Library Mobile Apps: Free apps available to Kaiser physicians. 

MD Consult Mobile: If you have an institutional subscription and do not already have a personal login to MD Consult, you will need to create one. To create a personal login, simply: 1. Go to from a computer within your institution. 2. Click on Create an Account on the top right. Will get you access to: Rosen’s, Roberts and Hedges, Annals of EM and NEJM.

AccessMedicine Mobile: To access this version of the site, you must log in using a personal profile name and password created in AccessMedicine from Clinical Libary. If you have not created such a profile, please visit the site on a nonmobile computer on the Kaiser network, select the “My AccessMedicine” tab, and follow the directions for creation of a personal profile. Once complete, you may return to the mobile view and use that username and password to access the site. Will get you access to Tintinalli and Atlas of EM.

Dynamed Mobile: A clinical reference tool for use primarily at the ‘point-of-care’. DynaMed is updated daily and monitors the content of over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases directly and indirectly by using many journal review services. Mobile access is available for staff, of Kaiser To download, email [email protected] using your Kaiser email address (e.g. [email protected]), and request a serial number. Once you have a serial number – head to ITUNES.

MICROMEDEX® Healthcare Series : Mobile: Much more than quick drug look-ups, mobileMicromedex powers your mobile device with a wealth of clinical knowledge from Micromedex, the industry’s leading provider of evidence-based clinical information.

Kaiser Formulary (inlcudes Lexi-drugs, Lexi-CALC, Interact): The Kaiser Permanente (KP), Drug Formularies for Northern California and for Southern California are now available for all KP Healthcare providers (MDs, RNP, PAs, RPhs, PharmDs, RNs, DOs, ODs, etc.) for FREE!

First Consult for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad: Please create a name/password on MDConsult when on a Kaiser network, and then the download the app to your ipad/iphone and use that name/password

Stat!Ref: STAT!Ref Mobile Access takes STAT!Ref healthcare e-sources on the go. With powerful interactive functionality, STAT!Ref Mobile Access allows users to search their institution’s subscriptions anytime, anywhere.

FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education): Blogs, Podcasts and Websites.

Academic Life in EM: One of the most popular EM blogs. Spans the EM world: clinical pearls, myths, tips and tricks, diagnostic pearls as well as non-clinical (teaching, simulation, social media, articles).

  • ALIEM Paucis Verbis Cards: Extremely useful one page cards with ‘all the info you need to know about a given topic. Over 100 cards and growing. Can sync to Evernote/Dropbox.

EmCrit: Blog/Podcasts about EM critical care. Entertaining and extremely educational.

Emergency Physicians Monthly: EM ‘throw away’ journal. A quick read. Entertaining and informative articles and editorials.

Emergency Medicine News: Same as above. Honestly can’t tell the difference. Until now thought they were the same journal.

ER Cast: Podcast/Blog. One of the best done blogs, podcasts. Short, useful well done topics for practicing EM docs. Worth a read/listen.

SmartEM: Podcast/Blog. Really long deep dives into EM EBM. Controversial but thought provoking. Questions why we treat strep pharyngitis at all. Why do we admit ACS patients at all? Thrombolytics for stroke… don’t even get them started.

LitBits: Kaiser’s very own David Vinson’s review of the literature in bite size morsels. Great way to stay up on current literature.


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