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Annals Update 6.2013

Links are all live… Click “PDF” for a downloadable version. If you are on the network (RAS or physically), you will have direct access. Happy reading!

A13-A15 Controlling Opioid Abuse in the Emergency Department
Huffman A PDF
A16-A18 No Easy Answers
Berger E PDF
A19-A19 Information for Readers
No Author PDF
605-611 Effect of Emergency Department Crowding on Outcomes of Admitted Patients
612-614 Emergency Department Crowding in California: A Silent Killer?
Pines JM PDF
614-614 Correction
No Author PDF
615-615 A Child With Blunt Head Injury
Berona K PDF
616-623 An Early Look at Performance on the Emergency Care Measures Included in Medicare’s Hospital Inpatient Value-Based Purchasing Program
McHugh M PDF
624-630 The Future of Emergency Medicine: Update 2011
Gardner A PDF
631-637 Physician E-mail and Telephone Contact After Emergency Department Visit Improves Patient Satisfaction: A Crossover Trial
Patel PB PDF
638-643 Emergency Department Physician-Level and Hospital-Level Variation in Admission Rates
Abualenain J PDF
644-653 The Effect of Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems on Clinical Care and Work Processes in Emergency Departments: A Systematic Review of the Quantitative Literature
Georgiou A PDF
654-660 Hospital Administrators’ Views on Barriers and Opportunities to Delivering Palliative Care in the Emergency Department
Grudzen CR PDF
661-667 Demonstrations of Clinical Initiatives to Improve Palliative Care in the Emergency Department: A Report From the IPAL-EM Initiative
Quest T PDF
668-676 Head-to-Head Comparison of Disaster Triage Methods in Pediatric, Adult, and Geriatric Patients
Cross KP PDF
677-689 Systematic Review of Strategies to Manage and Allocate Scarce Resources During Mass Casualty Events
Timbie JW PDF
690-696 Pain Control in Disaster Settings: A Role for Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks
Lippert SC PDF
697-698 Continuous Capnography Should Be Used for Every Emergency Department Procedural Sedation
698-699 Routine Capnographic Monitoring is Not Indicated for All Patients Undergoing Emergency Department Procedural Sedation
Terp S PDF
700-702 A Call to Action: Firearms, Public Health, and Emergency Medicine
Ranney ML PDF
703-704 Not-in-Traffic Surveillance–Non-Crash Injuries
No Author PDF
704-706 Commentary: Vehicular Hyperthermia: The Reason to Look Before You Lock
Patek GC PDF
707-707 Lost in Translation
Rosenberg NK PDF
708-716 Are 2 Drugs Better Than 1 for Acute Agitation? A Discussion on Black Box Warnings, Waiver of Informed Consent, and the Ethics of Enrolling Impaired Subjects in Clinical Trials
Eucker SA PDF
717-717 An Adolescent Male With a Large Palatal Mass
Staple LE PDF
718-719 Pharmacokinetic Data Distinguish Abusive Versus Dietary Supplement Uses of 1,3-Dimethylamylamine
Rodricks JV PDF
719-720 In reply
720-721 Assessment of Medicare’s Imaging Efficiency Measure for Emergency Department Patients With Atraumatic Headache
Arday SL PDF
721-722 In reply
Schuur JD PDF
723-723 Book Review
Mosely DS PDF
724-725 Policy Statements
No Author PDF
725-725 Policy Statements
No Author PDF
725-726 Policy Statements
No Author PDF
725-725 Policy Statements
No Author PDF
726-727 Policy Statements
No Author PDF
726-726 Policy Statements
No Author PDF



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